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Molecular diagnostics

Penta Laboratorio de Análisis Clínicos, following its innovative policy, is firmly committed to Molecular Diagnostic techniques, as these provide all clinical specialties with the essential information to know the genesis of the different pathological processes.

The need to achieve greater depth and specificity in techniques that help to achieve a better clinical diagnosis has led to the use in the field of analysis of new techniques that, until a few years ago, belonged only to the world of research.
Today, Molecular Diagnostics facilitates, by means of standardised procedures, the determination of results with the highest degree of sensitivity and specificity, increasing interpretation and precision in clinical diagnosis to almost 100%.
This group of tools based on the analysis of DNA, a molecule that contains all the genetic information of cells, allows us to achieve two fundamental objectives:

  • The rapid and efficient detection of micro-organisms.
  • The study of variations in human genes, which can condition the appearance of diseases.

Certificado de Calidad ISO 9001:2008

Certificado de Calidad ISO 9001:2008