Molecular Diagnosis

The need to achieve greater depth and specificity in techniques, which help achieve better clinical diagnosis, has led to the use of new techniques in the analysis field, which until recently only belonged to research.

Today, Molecular Diagnosis, using standardized procedures helps us attain maximum sensitivity and specificity in result determination levels, with almost 100% increase in the interpretation and accuracy of clinical diagnosis.

This tool kit based on DNA analysis, i.e. the molecule containing all the genetic information of cells, enabling us to achieve two basic targets:

  • Quick efficient detection of micro-organisms.
  • The study of variations in human genes, which might condition the appearance of illnesses.

Penta Clinical Analysis Laboratory, in line with their innovation policy, has firmly decided to go for the Molecular Diagnosis techniques since they provide essential information for all clinical specialities to learn the genesis of the different pathological processes.

Diagnostico molecular penta laboratorio