Technological Resources

Prior to incorporating basic instrumentation in our laboratories the Scientific Area and Results Management Manager drew up an Integral Plan of Technological Resources to ensure maximum analytical automation.

The aim of this Plan is to define latest generation instruments whose features include total connectivity and communication to achieve maximum efficacy of the Integrated Work Systems (IWS).

Analytical automation not only ensures speed in obtaining results but also eliminates error risks in the internal traffic of same.

Under this premise these resources were selected and incorporated in the different areas:

  • High performance haematological counters (120 samples/hour) capable of automatically quantifying reticulocytes and erythroblasts, and perform cellular viability assessment, enabling sample processing up to 72 hours after extraction. These counters quantify monoclonal antibodies against platelets and white series (CD61, CD3, CD4 and CD8).
  • Coagulometer. Fully automated high productivity analyser to determine normal haemostasis parameters and simple coagulation factors. Abnormal haemoglobin analysers. The instrumentation pertaining to this programme, certified pursuant to NGSP standards enables in vitro determination of human haemoglobinopathies.

High capacity auto-analyser to perform quantitative kinetic determinations, final point, turbidimetry. The analyser with ISE module processes up to 300 tests/hour and also measures concentration of sodium, potassium and chloride electrolytes using indirect potentiometry.

High performance analysers capable of processing up to 200 determinations/hour. It has an 8 step intelligent wash system, thus minimizing interferences and carryover contamination risk. It has a coagulator detector via pressure difference guaranteeing the accuracy of pipetting and result quality.

  • Analyser with nucleic acid Sequential Detection System with PCR real time technology. It has fluorimetric detection (4 colours) for simultaneous testing of different pathogens.
  • Fluorescent microscope with high resolution tungsten lamp to perform FISH testing (Oncology, Pre-natal diagnosis and pre-implantational diagnosis). This instrumentation has an electronic image archive system to certify results.

Online intercommunication of the work stations is via LABSUITE, the Laboratory Management System controlling results, validations, logistics of sending results, warehouse inventory and patients’ record archive.