Clinical Analysis

Penta Clinical Analysis Centre has high productivity human and technical resources enabling them to provide all the reference laboratory services with maximun quality and guarantee.

Different work areas working in co-ordination have been established with permanent supervision by the managers of each department and Technical Management to ensure this service performance level is constant.

Penta Clinical Analysis Centre performs both internal and outsourced quality control on results.

Sample extraction or reception, identification and verification are performed systematically following the specific routine indicated in each case by our Pre-analysis Manual.

Based on a General Catalogue of Tests with over 1400 determinations in Haematology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Virology, Immunology, Parasitology and Molecular Diagnosis.

Seeking greater analytical specificity, a Catalogue of Studies and Profiles with over 80 groups responding to as many pathologies was created.

As our laboratory is automated to the maximum regarding instruments we have great connectivity among them via powerful software, which manages all these resources.

The Laboratory Management System provides: traceability, security, speed, privacy and control of all the processes involved in obtaining and managing results.

This constantly updated tool comprises modules enabling results to be obtained and verified, edit reports and generate statistics of great value for medical follow-up.

The final validation of each report is done personally the technical professionals responsible

Extractions performed on our facilities likewise the collections of specimens from other laboratories are subjected to strict preservation controls.

Penta Clinical Analysis Centre at no additional expense to our clients, we provide extraction kits, containers and/or special heat conditioners, to ensure sample stability during transport to our laboratory.